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Minecraft 1.20.80 Officiall Bedrock

REXEL ID – Minecraft 1.20.80 Officiall Bedrock – Eight new wolf variations, wolf armor, and armadillos are dropping in Minecraft today! Meet the armadillo, a mob found in the savanna or badlands biomes, and craft wolf armor from its scutes! Explore far and wide to gather a pack of all nine wolf variations, then take on the Overworld together with your new safely armored friends. You can even dye wolf armor the color you’d like, and repair it when it gets damaged! There’s never been a better time to set out on an adventure, and fight alongside your favorite four-legged companions.

New Features:


The Armadillo is a new passive mob that:

  • spawns in Savannas and Badlands biomes
  • drops Armadillo Scutes periodically
  • drops Armadillo Scutes when brushed
  • its favorite food is Spider Eyes

Armadillo Rolling Up Behavior

  • Armadillo rolls up when it detects a threat such as:
    • a sprinting player
    • a player in a vehicle or mounted
    • undead mobs
    • a mob, or a player that has attacked it recently
  • It does not roll up when:
    • it is fleeing
    • in water
    • in the air or
    • on a leash

When an Armadillo is rolled up it does not walk, cannot eat, and will not be tempted by food

  • It will continue to scan for threats, occasionally peeking to check the surroundings: if none are detected for 4 seconds, it will unroll
  • In a rolled up state, its shell will protect it, and reduce the damage dealt to it, even allowing it to fully resist weak attacks
  • Spiders and Cave Spiders will run away from Armadillos, and only if they are not in a rolled up state

Armadillo Scutes

  • Armadillo Scutes can be used to craft Wolf Armor
  • They are dropped by Armadillos
  • Dispensers can be used to brush Armadillo Scutes off Armadillos

Wolf Armor

  • The Wolf Armor will protect the wolf from most damage sources until the armor loses all durability and breaks
  • Wolf Armor shows signs of increased breakage as durability goes down
  • Players can repair the Wolf Armor with Armadillo Scutes while it is equipped on the Wolf, or on an Anvil using Armadillo Scutes
  • Wolf armor can be dyed in similar fashion to Leather Armor
  • Using Wolf Armor on an adult tamed Wolf will equip the armor on the Wolf
  • Only a Wolf’s owner can put a Wolf Armor on their tamed Wolf, and with this in mind; Dispensers cannot put Wolf Armor on wolves
  • Using Shears on a Wolf that is wearing armor will make it drop the armor
  • Only a Wolf’s owner can repair a Wolf Armor on a Wolf or shear a Wolf Armor from it, and with this in mind; Dispensers cannot remove Wolf Armor from wolves
  • If a Wolf dies while wearing armor, it will drop the armor

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Minecraft 1.20.80 Officiall Bedrock (Versi 300MB) : KLIK DISINI

Minecraft 1.20.80 Officiall Bedrock (Versi 700MB) : KLIK DISINI

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